Finance in the public interest: introduction

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The Finance in the Public Interest Series was motivated by the IFoA‘s aim to stimulate debate within the profession, and engage our external stakeholders, as part of our strategy to bring thought leadership of our members to wider audiences. And in changing the conversation of what needs to be done to achieve a more sustainable world.

We made a great start with Actuaries for Transformational Change members Ashok Gupta, Nick Silver and Lucy Saye , together with Nico Aspinall, on 18th March 2021. They reflected on the previous sessions by John Kay and Paul Collier and gave their perspectives on what needs to change in the way we think about the financial system and the economic assumptions that underpin them in order to truly serve public interest.

We asked four of the key participants to summarize the essence of their contribution in twenty words in a 1 minute video.

The full video recording of 90 mins of the March 18 event amongst IFoA’s thought leaders can be found on YouTube.